Monday, March 1, 2010

My Monday Obsession...

THIS Etsy shop: ninexmuse

I am in love with all the cute charms and jewelry. I went through and started hearting items and I finally had to stop because I was hearting EVERYTHING. You should definitely check the shop out. I think these charms would make fabulous presents for BFF's or bridesmaids or birthdays. There's a charm for pretty much everything you could possibly be interested in. My personal fav is this record player necklace:


 AND this record necklace:


OOOH and this TV necklace:

 And of course, because of my attachment to Hello Ladies, this telephone necklace:

 p.s. Check out this post on the HL blog to find some more cute telephone related etsy finds :-)

Love you! I'll be back soon with some pictures of a new friend I made last week. hehe

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