Monday, March 8, 2010

looking forward...

I don't even want to talk about my weekend. It had it's highs and lows. I'm glad I had Cat around. She's so much fun, she makes me happy. I have just been in a weird mood the last couple of days I don't know why or even what it's about. So, let's make a list of things I'm looking forward to :-) it will help me cheer up a bit.

1. I signed up for this! It's a pen pal list :-). I love writing letters AND receiving letters! It's going to be so much fun. p.s. you should check out Kellie's blog it's so fun and cute.
* keyword: letter*
2. My research class doesn't meet again until March 16th. This means I can have lunch with my roomie, Mandy!! This semester we never get to eat lunch together because of our schedules. To celebrate this occasion, my dad is coming on Tuesday to take us to Lenny's. WOWZA they have awesome sandwiches.

3. For my birthday (late of course lol) my big brother and my dad framed all of my posters! four movie posters, a U2 poster, and a small Sweeny Todd poster. YAY Dad is going to hang 4 of them for me tomorrow. (pics soon I promise)

4. Tomorrow, I'm going to visit Josh :-).

5. This weekend I'm starting the massive wedding cake. It's going to be an adventure.

6. My grandma turns 91 on Friday. Seriously, congrats grandma!

7. Charlie's getting MARRIED in 11 days. I love her.

8. Spring Break starts in 11 days. 

woo...I feel better. yay :-)...we won't talk about the paper I had to write this morning or the test I have tomorrow that I have barely studied for lol...not important.

p.s. I am happy about this too: A female director won the Oscar for best director AND her movie also won best picture (Hurt Locker). WOOO hello ladies. I'm inspired for sure. I'm not crazy interested in the movie but I'm definitely gonna watch it. haha and I think it's funny that her ex-husband, James Cameron, was also up for best picture with his epic-sci-fi -3D-mega-blockbuster-movie, Avatar. You go Kathryn Bigelow! Congratulations :-).



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Jerskuh said...

Awh Krackle! I love you. I'm sorry you've been in a funk lately. I will do my best to help pull you out of it! I loved your list, and I agree, I wanna see Hurt Locker too just to see what it's all about.