Wednesday, March 10, 2010

CAUTION: this is very random.

Random thing #1: So, I'm seriously loving this pic. Mandy, Alex, and I had a semi-late night starbucks gathering last night. I have great friends...they make me happy. I really am grateful for them. They aren't allowing me to be in this weird mood 24-7. That's what good friends will do for you - not allow you to sulk for no good reason. haha

Random thing #2: I got out of class early this afternoon and felt like driving and reading and listening to music loudly. SOOOO, I got in my car, rolled the windows down, opened the sun roof, turned on the radio and drove around. Two fantastic things happened: a) I found a station playing blues - like original blues - the good kind. b) I decided to go to Hastings to buy a good book....and I found THIS:

I can't even tell you how excited I am to read this. I also bought this book:

I haven't seen the movie yet...but I really want to read the books. I saw a boxed set of all five...but I'm gonna have to take it slow because I want something to read this summer while I'm alone in my house lol!

Random thing #3: Here's a cell phone pic of our movie posters that my dad hung.

The one on the end with a huge glare on it is Blade Trinity. Hehe and the kitchen table is in the living room because the kitchen is prepped and ready for tile...we just have to buy it and get Joshlove to lay it :-).

I'm going to start reading now :-)...I can't decide what I'm going to start with. Decisions, decisions...

bye for now lovelies!

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