Sunday, March 21, 2010


Okay, here's the deal...I took lots of wonderful pictures of my cake with my phone...and now I can't find the cord to hook my phone to the computer to share the pics with looked great. Better than I had hoped...AND it tasted grrrreat! People were going back for 2nds :-).

I haven't mailed any of my pen pal letters yet...and frankly I'm not doing a good job. I've only written 2. I have all of spring break to write them though.

I had a great weekend. Beautiful wedding, Char was gorgeous and the wedding was so much fun. Jake (her 10 yr old brother) was the best date everrr. (pics of that coming soon too! lol) I spent lots of time with the boyfriend, it was nice :-) I've missed him. He's working on the coolest sculpture right now too, he's quite talented, and I'm not just saying that because I love him lol.

I promise I will find my cord soon and have more exciting posts. So sorry.

Love yous guys!

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Lindsay said...

oh no!!!! You must find the cord so we can see this cake!!!! Your card was sent out Friday I think, so you should have a card from me soon :)
Hope you have a great week!!