Monday, March 29, 2010

Example #42 why my life should be a tv show:

OK, I'm taking a little bitty study break to tell you a horrific or hilarious depends on how you interpret it. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures because Caitlin and I were in such a frenzy that documenting this catastrophe was not even on the priority list. I'll try to paint the picture as clearly as possible with words.

I'm in our bathroom, it's really long and narrow and we have two sinks and a giant mirror, and I'm washing my hands and looking over my super cute hair bow. I remember that I left my phone on the couch and I was having a text convo with my dad so I go to get my phone and as I'm leaving Caitlin enters the bathroom to brush her teeth. When I get my phone and turn around Caitlin scurries out of the bathroom with her hands covering her mouth and she says something like "oh my gosh did you see what's in my sink??!?" and it's all muffled because her hands are in the way. So I creep back into the bathroom and peer into Caitlin's sink...and I scream. No muffled hand talking, this was serious and life threatening. There was an ENORMOUS spider crawling around. We stood there (a safe distance from the sink) screaming for about 2 or 3 minutes we even tried turning the faucet if this huge spider was going to drown...I don't think so... and finally I decided to call in reinforcements because it was obvious that neither I nor Caitlin were about to get anywhere within 3 feet of that sink. 

 So naturally, I go across the hall to our favorite neighbors. I didn't even knock on the door I just barged in. This time I was muffled hand talking and shaking and I said "I'm sorry I know you're playing LoL but you are going to have to pause because Caitlin and I have an emergency and we need you to fix it for us." Max and Alex responded, "What's wrong?" and all I said was, "It so big and it's in the sink. It's like as big as my could eat us." Somehow from all that they figured out it was a spider and Alex came over. He debated whether or not to kill it and I'm sorry to any of you that ever feel sympathy for insects or arachnids but there was no way on earth I was going to sleep if I thought that gigantic mutant spider was ever going to find it's way back into our bathroom. Alex of course, had no problem killing it with his nerf gun. *Before you think he has the skill to shoot a spider in a sink with a nerf gun (which he might idk), let me explain: he just used the handle to smush it.*

I can already feel all the sympathetic bleeding hearts of the world telling me that the spider didn't do anything to deserve being murdered...and all I can say in response to that is: If arachnophobia is a real thing, I definitely have it and I value my own peace of mind over a spider's life 100% of the time. So sorry, but his death was necessary. Needless to say, Caitlin and I had to get our heart rate under control and thank Alex and Max for being like statefarm...haha "Like a good neighbor..." And I bought them some cheez it party mix last night as a thank you. Seriously, they are our heroes.

Now I have to study again. I have a test in a couple hours, another tomorrow, and the mother of all tests on I'll be sitting on my bed staring at my laptop for the next couple of days.

love you!


Mandy Deitering said...

OMG - I laughed my butt off at this story. Perfectly written, I almost felt as if I was there. :)

Cat said...

OH my GOSH! This post had me cracking up! You did an excellent job of painting a picture with you words. I could totally see the whole thing! I hate spiders too! You are lucky you have Statefarm there to help out! hahaha!

epically awesome!


P.S. Got your letter today! :)

katiebug92 said...

haha! That is so funny, reminds me of my sister. Spiders dont bother me, I've always been a bit of a tom-boy. ;)
Btw, I got your letter today! yay! I'll try to write back soon!

Mama Ventura said...

I literally laughted out loud at this story. I wish you had been able to get a picture of the giant spider, but I understand you not wanting to get close enough to eat you.