Tuesday, March 23, 2010

THE Cake and other unrelated things:

Okay, my parents' internet is working for the time being and I didn't find the cord...but I found something just as good: my mini sd card adapter. SOOO, I have tons of pictures for you today :-).

I spent about 30 hours total working on this cake. Several cake mixes...less than 20 but more than 10...I can't remember the exact number, about 20 lbs of fondant, and 4 gallon ziploc bags of buttercream icing. Whew...It was so worth it though. Everyone loved it from what I could tell. People were going back for 2nds and 3rds. I was a complete nervous wreck until they finally cut the cake...but I was nervous for nothing because it turned out better than I even expected.
Here are some pics of the cake:

This was the beginning of my painting adventures. It took about 4 hours to paint the whole thing.
These are the bottom two layers. Carla was awesome and staked and put the borders on the cakes while I was painting.
Here are the top 2 layers.
We transported it in two pieces, in Char's mom's van. It was a nervous ride for me but they traveled well.
This is when I initially got it set up...about 6 hours before the actual wedding.
This is my favorite G, and it kinda looks like a C and a J and coincidentally their names are Charlie and Jack...so yea, perfect!
Final set up, Char's dad added some decoration. I was beaming at this point in the night. I never expected it to look so good.
It was tasty too! The whole bottom layer was left over, but a little over 100 people ate all of the other 3 layers. Success! :-)

It was a really fun wedding! Josh didn't make it but that was okay because Jake was my date.

Isn't he so handsome! We had a lot of fun, he was such a gentleman. He told me he would "remember this night forever!" hehe. It was the highlight of my week.

Congrats to Char and Eddie! I love y'all and I hope you're having so much fun in Vancouver!

On an unrelated note: I pulled up to my house the other day and saw this in the yard:
A tulip tree! I L.O.V.E. tulip trees, I'd been wondering what kind it was and if it was ever going to do anything pretty...and it did! Yay :-).

Tomorrow I'm going to craft with Mandy! I'm so excited I have lots that I want to do :-). And I'm probably going to write some more of my pen pal letters. I'm mailing 3 tomorrow yay!

Bye lovelies, I've missed you!


Lindsay said...

wow your cake is gorgeous!!!!! Love it!!! You did an amazing job!!! I wish I could have had a piece! Looks so yummy!

Mama Ventura said...

Oh my goodness! The cake is gorgeous :) You did an amazing job. Thank you for sharing pictures.