Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Haaaaaaaaaaaave you met Carlos?

This little cutie is Carlos. The stuffed lemur that is...hehe. He belongs to Alex, one of my across the hall neighbors. Apparently, Carlos either has a crush on me or thinks I'm his mother...we aren't sure. Lol he even has a facebook account and yes, we are facebook friends. I think he's kind of creepy because he has 3D eyes and so there can be 15 people in a room and he will be staring at all of them at the same time. His big eyes follow you everywhere you go. Nevertheless, I'm not one to turn down a friendship just because someone has creepy eyes. SO, to let Carlos know that I don't hold his physical appearance against him I made him a cute hat. :-)

 He really likes the hat.

I'll be back later with some headbands I made personal fav: the panda headband :-). This week is going to be quite productive I hope.

bye lovelies!