Thursday, March 4, 2010

Decoration Inspiration: kitchen

If you've read this blog ever before you probably know I am really excited about moving into my new house. :-D I'm also pretty excited about decorating it. One of the most important rooms to me (where I'll be spending LOTS of time :-)) is the kitchen. So here are some cute ideas for decorating your kitchen.

I found these first 2 items on Etsy in the OldNewAgain shop. They're a husband and wife team and their stuff is so stylish and functional. I love it. They also have a blog that you should check out. It's so cute :-).
I have a door that opens into the kitchen. One of these hangers would look amazing next to my kitchen door. I especially love the mason jar vase.


And also in their shop, I found this table organizer. How neat is that? I think it would look so cool in the middle of my refinished table :-).

These next few items I found here in GiftsAndTalents' shop. Her name is Laurie, and I promise if you visit her on Etsy, you will find the most beautiful recipe/keepsake boxes everrr! I seriously loved every one that I saw. They all have such an artistic look.


You can also find some stylish recipe card dividers in the shop too! I love one stop shopping :-)

I hope everyone goes to check out these blogs and etsy shops they're just a click away and everyone could use a little more kitchen decoration inspiration :-).

I also want to get some chalkboard paint and make a chalkboard space on one of my kitchen walls. I can always use a spot to write down my reminders! And it always feels good to write or color on walls. (You know you did that when you were a kid!) With chalkboard paint, I can color on the wall without ruining it. Can you say convenient?



I am seriously considering the chalkboard paint fridge now that I have seen this picture...HOW NEAT!!?!?

p.s. here's a pic of my only kitchen decoration as of right now. I lovelovelove tins...and these match so well. Thanks Mo!! :-)

Okay lovelies, that's all for today. Can't wait for next Thursday...I already have some ideas floating around!

be crafty!


Charlie said...

Omg! I love the chalkboard kitchen idea! So much cute stuff :)

elycia said...

i love that chalkboard paint fridge!

Mika said...

Love the chalkboard kitchen. Love to see the result. Mika (

rachel! said...

ohh, that's so exciting you're moving! good luck and have fun fun fun while you're decorating (it looks like you are!) mmm!! pictures pictures when you move in!!