Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Headband love...

I love headbands. Mandy sent me a pic of this headband (you can find it in this etsy shop and you should also check out her blog!)


I am so in love! As you know, pandas are one of my many obsessions. I tried making a panda headband of my own last weekend. It worked :-) but I rushed and made it too small for my head :-(.

This is mine lol if you have a child that likes pandas...I have a child-sized panda headband for you:

Anyway! This is one of my new favorite blogs so you should totally check her out. All of her handmade accessories are really fabulous. 

p.s. I've been working on some other headbands as well. I can't wait to show you :-). I'm also going to do my second attempt at a panda headband I can actually wear.

Tomorrow, I'm going to have another decoration inspiration post. I think it's going to be a Thursday installment for a while.

LLLLLove you

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elycia said...

thanks so much for the mention! you're awesome!