Monday, March 15, 2010


* keyword: scream*
I feel like this a little bit.
I have been in the kitchen so much, I think I have powdered sugar in my bloodstream now. I have been working for two day. About 10 hours Saturday and about 8 hours yesterday. I have made probably 20 lbs of fondant and 8 cakes. Two 16 inch, two 12 inch, two 9 inch, and two 6 inch. This cake is supposed to feed 261 people. Whew! Unfortunately, I didn't have a I have no pictures.

But...this is the design I'm working with. My base fondant is a little more yellow than this cake...but I think it and the green compliment each other. (My cake is 4 square tiers though)

 Try to picture this:
My dad in his bar-b-que apron, me in my apron, handheld mixer with dough hooks on BACKWARDS trying to mix fondant together, with Sam Cooke blaring from the record player. Yea, your dough hooks should spin away from each other because if they don't your dough will start to climb up them and pile up on the bottom of your mixer. Dad learned a valuable lesson that day.

Tomorrow, I'm going back to Hot Springs to stack layers and cover them with fondant. I might pull and all nighter and start painting too to get ahead. I'm really excited..but I think this cake might weigh 75 or 80 maybe I should start lifting weights so I can transport it. eeeek!

I just want to say that Char is the coolest friend ever. Who else would let me do my first ever wedding cake for their wedding? I love her for taking risks like that.

Okay, I think my week is getting considerably better, we shall see. Things finally started looking up last night when I finally got to see Josh for the first time in more than a week. I was starting to miss that boy.

Have an awesome week lovelies. 
I promise I'll take some pics tomorrow of my cake adventures.


Lindsay said...

Hi!! I found your blog through Kellie's Pen Pal list!! I hope we become great pen pals!! I'm a new follower of your blog :)

Lindsay said...

you like pandas + I like pandas = B.F.F :) LOLOLOL that is so awesome!!!